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Mailbag: Pocketful of Poseys And Other Tales

May should be a month of celebration — No more school! Moderately significant baseball sample sizes! Maypole! — but  it can easily engender panic in owners already stuck in a rut. Look at it this way instead: No matter what situation you’re in standings-wise, you should be taking this opportunity to capitalize on this panic rather than get capitalized on, regardless of your being hamstrung by injuries or slow starts. Throw offers out on struggling stars, particularly steady hitters. This is typical fantasy schmo columnist advice of which you gotta take heed.

Chris writes:

I am in 5th place of a 12 team H2H mixed league. It is also a keeper league. I have been able to stay competitive with all my opponents but not blow them out like i did the 1st 2 weeks or so. I have a lot of guys on the DL right now. It has created a hole in my line up. Should I drop anyone to stream a spot until guys on my DL are healthy or just let it ride out as is? Is Montero worth holding on to? I could drop him and keep Napoli around until Posey or Santana get called up in June? Your thoughts on keeping Francisco? Any help would be appreciated.

Let’s examine Chris’s lineup, which has indeed seen some stormy weather.

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