SV Unit: Grab Contreras and Corpas

If you’re not already following Tim Dierkes’s Closer News on Twitter, you’re probably harboring some deep-seated resentment issues against a great uncle. Or maybe you’re in a holds-only league. That’s cool I guess, hope those work out. My great uncle used to say I looked like a walrus AND he played in holds-only leagues. But the CloserNews account is essential reading for vultures who only drafted Octavio Dotel like yours truly. Tim’s helped me snag cheesy Alfredo Simon and more, and two shakeups look to be in order tonight for dudes owned in 13% or less of Yahoo! leagues.

Jose ContrerasBrad Lidgedidn’t feel like he wanted to feel” after a throwing session. Contreras somehow has a 0.77 ERA and 15/1 K/BB ratio this year, but hopefully you picked him up after the first sentence anyway. Another barking Lidge elbow could mean a more-than-temporary late game assignment for Contreras, who seems like he could thrive for a while in this role.

Manny Corpas – Shoulder weakness sent Franklin Morales to the DL and Huston Street is still two weeks away. Manny has looked far from corpse-like so far. I’d like him on any of my teams til Huston proves he won’t flounder as fireman.


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